The Use of Pre-Emergent to Control Weeds

One of the most important tools in controlling weed is pre-emergent herbicide. However, it is crucial that you know when and where to use it. You must have a weed control strategy to ensure that weeds are kept out of your lawn.

Weeds can damage your entire landscape when left alone. They compete with the grass for water, sunlight, and other essential nutrients. Once they have overtaken the turf, the lawn will turn into a wasteland full of unsightly and troublesome weeds.

A lawn that’s full of weeds can damage the reputation of the property owner. It is important to remove the threat of a weed invasion when the weeds are still seeds. And the best way to get rid of the problem before it becomes too big to handle is through the implementation of a pre-emergent program. When it comes to the use of pre-emergent, time is of an essence. Applying it too late and it will be ineffective.

Types of Weeds

Weeds are categorized as broadleaf weed or grassy weed. And just like grasses, weeds can also be classified as warm season and cool season. There’s no single pre-emergent solution to get rid of all types of weeds. More often than not, herbicides were formulated to for a single type of weed, and it will not work on others.

It is important to determine the type of weed that’s found in the lawns first before the use of the pre-emergent. Weeds germinate at different temperatures of the soil. Pre-emergent is applied before the germination, and that’s why it is important to find out when the type of weed will germinate.

How Pre-Emergent Works

Pre-emergent has been formulated to target weeds that haven’t emerged yet from the ground as what the name pertains to. To avoid wasting your time and effort, weeds should not be visible above the surface of the soil during the application of the pre-emergent.

Keep in mind that pre-emergent is not formulated to get rid of existing weed seeds or weeds. The weed will only be killed when it starts to grow from the seed and reaches the pre-emergent barrier.

The use of the herbicide is a continuous process. There will be seeds of weeds under the surface, and some of them will germinate each season. Application of the pre-emergent must be done to reduce infestations in the future.

Another thing to remember is that pre-emergent can also affect desirable plants, which include turf. You should be careful if you are going to use pre-emergent and seeding the turf at the same time. It is important to seed it first then apply the pre-emergent after six weeks. Or you can seed at least three months after the application of the pre-emergent.

To get the best results, it is important to mix the spray solution properly. You should read the instructions carefully, and calibrate the sprayer. You should apply the pre-emergent evenly over the area to ensure that there’s no open space for the weeds.

Ralph Massetti

Ralph Massetti is President & CEO of The Genius Truck and originally conceived of the idea to combine 7 essential services into 1 service model. He is a passionate advocate of the franchise model and perfecting field operations for The Genius Truck.