Microclimates - Its Effects on Plants and Prevention

One of the many perks of living in Phoenix is that our winters are much more temperate than the rest of the country. Did you know that Phoenix is the hottest capital city in the entire United States? When our temperatures can reach over 120 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, it is only fair that we generally get to take it easy during the winter months. However; because us Phoenicians are often so accustomed to a warmer winter, we are often unprepared for the few days our temperatures dip below freezing. If you are worried about your plants being damaged by the frost that occurs during these cold winter nights, why not consider arranging your plants within their own microclimate?

What is a microclimate? According to Charlie Mazza at Cornell University, “A microclimate is the climate of a small area that is different from the area around it. It may be warmer or colder, wetter or drier, or more or less prone to frosts”. A single microclimate could be as large as the valley within a vast canyon, or as small as a tiny protected area along the sunny side of your house. When it comes to your garden, the placement of each plant could determine whether it thrives or withers during an unexpected freeze.

Remember, hot air rises, and cold air sinks. If there are any slopes in your garden, you are going to want to place only your heartiest plants at the bottom, especially if the slope ends against a wall where cold air is able to collect. The safest place to put your more delicate plants will be in the warmest spot, which is usually when they are beside a wall that faces south, and is beneath an overhead roof.

If you don’t have any overhanging structures near a south-facing wall, you could also try arranging your delicate plants within a formation of larger plants like trees or tall bushes. These larger plants will work to capture the rising heat so that the plants underneath are more likely to remain undamaged by the freezing temperatures.

Now, be a Genius! Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends and neighbors so that they may properly protect their plants during these cold winter months.
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Ralph Massetti

Ralph Massetti is President & CEO of The Genius Truck and originally conceived of the idea to combine 7 essential services into 1 service model. He is a passionate advocate of the franchise model and perfecting field operations for The Genius Truck.