What You Need to Know About Red Ants In Phoenix

Generally, the Phoenix climate is not suitable for a majority of ant species, as they prefer sunny climates. Nevertheless, there are still a few species of ants that can be found here. These insects can pose a great nuisance to any home they manage to go into. The red ants are one of such ants in Phoenix.

Also known as fire ants, these reddish ants are generally very active and aggressive at the same time. They have a very painful sting that can cause various kinds of reactions, ranging from nausea and irritation to more severe cases.

Diet and Behavior

These omnivorous ants are capable of feeding on vegetable or animal sources of food. They can consume virtually anything ranging from leaves and meats to sweet and greasy materials. The red ant worker’s diet includes honeydew, arthropod eggs, spiders, ticks, earthworms, insects, and other sweets. Seeds are their major plant sources of food.

Generally, red ants eat dead animals (carrion) regardless of what killed the animal. Fire ants also feed on young and newborn vertebrate animals such as calves, rodents, and even birds. It’s the responsibility of the worker adults to feed fire ant larvae with liquid diet until they complete their third larval stage. After which, they become capable of digesting solid foods.

Signs of Infestation

Red ants typically nest in the ground. However, they also live as colonies in mounds that largely visible. Interestingly, these ants which have become a serious nuisance in Phoenix are not a native species in North America, they were imported via a shipment of cargo in the 1930s.

Most times, they try to avoid woods and other shady areas rather they tend to favor warm, sunny conditions. Red ants are predatory ants that inflict painful stings on their prey. They are known to be venomous. They use their mandibles to take hold of their prey, before injecting venom through a stinger.

Their sting which often includes alkaloid venom can cause severe reactions such as excessive itching, nausea, sweating and irritations such as white pustules and red bumps. Intense burning and stinging are the major sensations of a red ant.

These insects which seem to be highly attracted to electrical currents can also cause significant damage to telephone wires, air-conditioning units, buildings, and plants. They nest in electrical junction boxes, under buildings and other enclosed areas.

Treatment, Prevention, and Control

Having an inspection performed by your lo. cal pest company is the most reliable method of red ant treatment in Phoenix. A reliable pest control company like The Genius Truck can help determine effective ways by which the red ants in your home can be managed. In the event of a fire ant activity, do not hesitate to contact them.

Ralph Massetti

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