How to Prevent Fire Danger in a Beautiful Desert Region

For those of you who are new to the Grand Canyon State – welcome! Arizona provides some of the most beautiful natural scenery of all 50 states. However, this beautiful desert region comes with a drawback. Fire danger is a risk that stems from living in an arid climate like Phoenix. When planning your landscaping, there are many steps you can take to ensure that you minimize the risk of fire damage to your property, while still allowing you to enjoy the best views that Arizona has to offer!

If your home is on the edge of your neighborhood, chances are high that you will be bordering a large swath of desert. You will be lucky enough to view the amazing Arizona sunsets without worry of a neighbor’s home blocking your vantage point, but your property may also be surrounded by an area of dry underbrush that is susceptible to quick-moving brush fires. If it is within your property lines, take measures to trim or remove this brush to provide a buffer area between possible kindling and your home (or allow the Geniuses to do it for you!).

If you have a brick or cement wall that separates your property from the vast Arizona desert, try to leave an ample amount of space between your plants and the wall so that a fire would not be able to ‘jump’ onto your property by way of hot embers and high winds. If you have any vined plants, don’t allow them to grow up the side of your property wall, it may be best to purchase a wire cage so they have room to grow away from any possible fire danger.

If you have any trees that hang over your property lines, ask our Geniuses to pare them down so they do not provide a route of access for a fire (or other unwanted guest) into your own property. If you sign up for any of our Genius Truck packages, we make sure to clean out any weeds or debris that might cause unnecessary fire danger as well!

The best defense against any possible fire damage is to keep your lawn watered and well maintained. Our Geniuses will also perform regular sprinkler maintenance to make sure that your lawn and garden do not become dried out or heat damaged, which will prevent your favorite plants from becoming the kindling for a brush fire.

Share these tips with your friends and family in the Valley to make sure our neighbor’s homes stay safe from any unnecessary danger. If you’d like to have our Geniuses take special care to fire-proof your lawn and garden, contact us at, or call us today at 877-ONE-TRUK.


Ralph Massetti

Ralph Massetti is President & CEO of The Genius Truck and originally conceived of the idea to combine 7 essential services into 1 service model. He is a passionate advocate of the franchise model and perfecting field operations for The Genius Truck.